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Vortex Artwork

Sea salt

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A luxurious and minimalistic representation of tropical waters. A rippling of turquoise and deep green captures the life of the waves. A minimalistic and abstract rendition of the magic of the ocean. 

It is a piece that brings an essential sense of calm and tranquility straight to your home while also bringing a sense of elegance aesthetically. A tasteful capture of the ocean.

In the midst of the grind of everyday life this painting stands out reminding us all to take a second and enjoy the little things. I hope this painting brings a little bit ease and tranquility that we feel at a tropical holiday straight to your home. Helping you feel more relaxed and at ease no matter how chaotic your day was.

This painting has a white base with turquoise and deep green emulating the sea. The ripples of turquoise and green mimic the waves. 


Painting comes on stretched canvas

Canvas size:

24inches x 30 inches x 1.5inches


60.96cm x76.2cm 3.5cm

609mm x 762mm x35cm

Frames not included.

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