About Dilini Perera

I live in Melbourne with my 2 amazing daughters, 2 dogs and my husband of 9 years. Life can be busy with the kids but I wouldn't have it any other way.

As an artist I create art that brings a sense of luxury and elegance to your home with fluid paint using a refined colour palette.

I am in love with the artform. I love the mystery of never knowing what I will create until it has been created. There is a wonderful sense of mystery when creating my work that keeps me coming back with excitement again and again.


Everything inspires me.

I love people and nature.

I love that every individual person has an essence that needs to be expressed.

I am in love with nature.

It is where I feel most free and connected to the earth. I subconsciously replicate it in my art. The cells in my art resemble the cross section of a tree and the artform itself mimics the flow of water.

I also create for the people that have bought and will buy my art.

it fills me with so much joy and gratitude that my art is displayed so proudly in their homes.

I feel truly blessed to express myself through this artform.