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Vortex Artwork Gallery

Step into a realm where art transcends boundaries and emotions flow like water. Our gallery proudly showcases the unique and evocative creations of Dilini Perera, an acclaimed Australian artist celebrated for her modern abstract fluid art. Inspired by the graceful movement of water, Perera's works evoke a sense of fluidity and dynamism, capturing the essence of nature's most compelling force.

Located in the picturesque Kangaroo Ground, our gallery provides a serene escape for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Imbibe the tranquility of the surroundings as you witness Dilini Perera's creations that seamlessly meld the contemporary with the elemental.

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Opening times 2023

We offer private appointments outside regular trading hours.

For a private Appointment ring 0433348914 or Email dilini@vortexartwork .com