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Vortex Artwork

Sapphire Indulgence III

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Shades of blue and turquoise converge in captivating swirls, creating a sense of fluidity and movement across the canvas. The dominance of these colours reflects the timeless allure of water, inviting you to wade into the soothing embrace of their cool tones.
The turquoise hues in the artwork capture the pristine waters found in remote, tropical paradises, while the white suggests the frothy, cresting waves. The blue tones range from deep and mysterious to light and ethereal, representing the depths of the ocean and the play of light on its surface.

This art is made from premium paints and products that exhibit superior colour vibrancy, longevity, and overall quality. Finished with a high gloss varnish that not only protects the painting from environmental factors but also enhances its visual appeal.
Painted on a premium birch wood panel.

Modern fluid decorative ocean inspired art on wooden canvas.


80cm x 60cm x 2.5cm

800mm x 60mm x 25mm



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