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Linear fluidity IV

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The combination of pale colours and the standout gold creates a captivating visual contrast. The subtle and soothing tones provide a sense of balance and harmony, while the gold adds a sense of vibrancy and importance to the overall composition. The result is a captivating and harmonious artwork that combines the tranquillity of pale colours with the opulence of gold, making it a unique and visually engaging piece of art.

A pioneering masterpiece in the realm of contemporary art. This exceptional linear painting with a white background offers a captivating interplay of pastel pink, soft blue, and striking gold in a modern fluid art composition.


 Choose one or 3 to complete the look.


This art is made from premium paints and products that exhibit superior colour vibrancy, longevity, and overall quality.


Painted on a premium birch wood panels


121cm x 18.5cm x 5cm


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