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Vortex Artwork

Golden wings

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The ultimate indulgence collection.

A painting that is bold and striking. A statement piece that becomes the focus of your design and draws your eyes when you walk into a room. 

If you want a timeless piece to bring a stylish feel to your home then this is it. The colours complement every season. As they are timeless colours you can luxuriate in this painting for years to come. Bold and iconic artistry created just for you 

This painting was created to make you feel luxurious and what better colour palette than black, white and luscious gold. As neutral colours they will fit in with your interior seamlessly and bring an elegant and chic feel to your home effortlessly. 

The black base offers a strong contrast. The white and gold dance against the black to create a long lasting impression. The black beautifully speckles through the white and gold to create a alluring pattern across the painting. The cells and lines create an intriguing  dynamic across the canvas that capture your focus instantly.


Painted on a canvas with premium paints. You can choose what finish you would like. The varnish is a high quality art sealer that protects and seals the painting.


Painted on a premium canvas.

51cm x 61cm x 3.8cm

510mm x 610mm x 38mm

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