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Vortex Artwork


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A perfect symphony of turquoise, teal and white that embodies the ocean in its truest form. Almost identical to an aerial view of the sea. You can see its waves crashing on the white sand. The deeper waters in the teal and the white representing the seafoam. 

As one that feels freedom and peace while at the beach I aspire to capture that in my seascape paintings and deliver it straight to your home. My wish is that you are able to experience the same when ever you dive into it. Lose yourself in the turquoise waters. The cool sea breeze and the smell of ocean water as though you are walking on the beach.

This painting is affectionately named escape. At the end of a hard day I would love nothing more that to be on a sun lounge on a tropical island basking in the sun while sipping a cool drink. I long to be so relaxed and at ease which is the feeling I wish for you as you peer in to this painting.


The painting has cool tones of turquoise and teal mixed with white that melt together to form a vibrant representation of the ocean.


Painting comes on stretched canvas

Canvas size:

50.8 cm x76.2 cm x 3.5cm

20inches x 30 inches x 1.5 inches

508mm x 762mm x 35mm


Frames not included.

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