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Vortex Artwork

Sapphire Indulgence IV

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A luminous white canvas serves as the foundation for this composition, providing a pristine backdrop for the interplay of colours. The dominant colours are midnight blue, evoking the depths of a starry night sky, and radiant gold, symbolizing the richness of precious metals and the warm glow of moonlight.

It's a visual journey into the mystique of the Arctic skies, where reality and dreams blend, and the cosmic spectacle comes to life in a wholly abstract and enchanting form. This artwork is a testament to the wonder of nature and the limitless creativity of human expression.
This art is made from premium paints and products that exhibit superior colour vibrancy, longevity, and overall quality. Finished with a high gloss varnish that not only protects the painting from environmental factors but also enhances its visual appeal.
Painted on a premium birch wood panel.

Modern fluid decorative ocean inspired art on wooden canvas.


80cm x 60cm x 2.5cm

800mm x 60mm x 25mm



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