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Vortex Artwork


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This piece is a beautiful mixture of charming and elegant. The pinks leap out of the painting. The metallic rose gold bring in another element of elegance making this a perfect addition to your home.

A charming painting that evokes a sense of playfulness. It reminds me to keep being playful with life. To go with the flow. To take the path of least resistance. As one that paints with fluid paint it is important for me to stay curious about where it could lead me.

This painting is sure to bring a feel of sophistication and playfulness to your home. One that will spark many conversations. It will bring an added layer of beauty and charm to your home and bring a room together and make it feel like home. 


Plum, flamingo pink and metallic rose gold on a white background. 

You can have it finished with a gloss or matt varnish. I highly recommend the gloss as it accentuates the colours and really brings it to life.

The varnish is high quality to ensure the paint is preserved in the best condition. 

Canvas size

60.96cm x76.2 x 3.5cm 

609mm x 762mm x 35mm

24inches x 30 inches x 1.5inches


Frames not included but can be arranged. Get in contact to arrange.

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