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Vortex Artwork

Sapphire Indulgence VIII

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Explore the layers of the ocean, providing a sense of wonder and appreciation for the incredible diversity and beauty that lies beneath the waves. It serves as a visual reminder of the importance of protecting our oceans and understanding the fragile ecosystems that exist within them. This artwork is a captivating ode to the wonders of the deep, capturing the imagination and drawing us into the enigmatic realm of the underwater world.
Celebrating blue in its various shades and nuances.

Deep navy blues evoke the mysteries of the abyss, transitioning into cerulean and aqua blues that capture the play of light on the water's surface.

This art is made from premium paints and products that exhibit superior colour vibrancy, longevity, and overall quality. Finished with a high gloss varnish that not only protects the painting from environmental factors but also enhances its visual appeal.
Painted on a premium birch wood panel.

Modern fluid decorative ocean inspired art on wooden canvas.


80cm x 150cm x 4cm


800mm x 1200mm 40mm


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